Totex produces a wide range of products capable of satisfying the needs of its customers. The items are designed by trasforming customer requests into appropriate technical specifications which optimize the quality, production costs and product’s life of the fabric. We start by selecting the natural  raw material that can be chosen among:

  • 100% Cotton (defining his fineness and spinning system)

  • 100% PES , Yarn by staple fiber and /or filament yarn

  • 100% PES FR (flame retardant) – yarn by staple fiber or continuous filament

  • Blended yarn by intimate blend like Cotton/PES, Cotton/Line and other new developed fiber or blended during weaving

We than proceed  by defining the construction data of grey fabric  from the weight (gr./sq.)

  • Count of yarn to use for warp and weft

  • Fineness : warp/cm and weft/cm

Following this we identify  the class of dyes, colors and type of dye:

  • Bleaching, Yarn, piece dyeing

We progress by creating the digital drawing design  by CAD that are successively inserted into a selected weaving loom according to the fineness needed the lobby or jacquard used and the plane or terry fabric employed.To define the nobility process needed:

  • Bleaching grade, mercerizing and finishing process

The cutting process is according to the end use, manteinance and the real size after washing requested.
The cutting dimensions of fabrics are executed depending on their size and finishes present dimensional variations due to first wash.

To conclude the last process is the making up that takes into account:

  • Sizing (reached by the fabric)after washing, and any type of edge of the article (single, double fold, tyre cord, lace border,slalom) 

We are able to taylor all our products to meet our custumers specific and personalized needs. On request we can apply:

  •  Logos in jacquard and Dobby, embroidered logos, labels, chip-r fid, embroidery, holes etc.